Blessing Richardson

I scale small businesses with data, automation, & micro-tools.

Blessing Richardson, a Nigerian-born and Texas-raised software engineer, taught herself to code and launched a freelance business right out of high school. She works at the intersection of technology and business, on a mission to make seven-figure micro-businesses the new norm through the use of data, automation, and micro-tools. Combining technical expertise with business strategy, she is an invaluable asset for companies looking to enhance their operational efficiency and expand their client base.

Blessing knows the online business scene is more technical than its ever been. Using automation, AI, and data is no longer a competitive edge—it's the bare minimum. Through her time with Fortune 500 companies and startups, she has become obsessed with designing B2B workflows.

This passion for creating efficient, scalable solutions led her to pivot to tech strategy, where she now helps service businesses digitize sales and productize frameworks and methodologies, transitioning to a one-to-many model that allows them to service more clients while enriching the client experience.

With the right systems, small teams can make mighty impact, significant impact, ensuring lasting success and growth for small businesses.

10+ years of experience

Building micro-tools, digital products and custom integrations

100+ apps and tools

Working with various business tools, builder ecosystems, APIs and SDKs


Online service providers, systems & ops professionals & startups


Hands-on workshops for technical and tech-adjacent teams