Blessing Richardson

I scale small businesses with data and automation.

Blessing Richardson, works at the intersection of technology and strategy. Nigerian-born and Texas-raised, she was self-taught in coding early on and used it to build a career that helps online businesses grow.

From working with Fortune 500 companies to startups, Blessing believes in the power of a small and mighty team. With the right automated systems, small teams can lead with a mighty impact. But it all starts with people-centric and data-driven systems.

With Blessing's help, small online businesses scale with automation to serve more customers and make a lasting impact.

10+ years of experience

Building micro-saas, digital products and custom integrations

100+ apps and tools

Working with various business tools, builder ecosystems, APIs and SDKs


Online service providers, systems & ops professionals & tech startups


Hands-on workshops for technical and tech-adjacent team members as well as business leaders